SBA Loan Servicing Software

Manage SBA Reporting Deadlines With Ease

We get it. When SBA reporting deadlines loom, your core employees drop their regular work to spend hours or days calculating and preparing reports, often manually.

Errors or late filings carry penalties of up to 5% of the total loan value, so staff come in early and stay late to meet the challenging SBA time constraints.

Conscientious and risk-averse loan departments rely on LOANLEDGER(sba) – SBA Loan Servicing Software.

Powerful Loan Servicing Software For SBA Loans

LOANLEDGER(sba) SBA loan servicing software is the powerful new product from the loan servicing, loan reporting and debt collection software specialists at Dynamic Interface Systems Corporation (DISC), makers of LOANLEDGER® the #1 rated mortgage servicing software.

DISC has been an industry leader in delivering innovative application that provide automated, cost effective, compliant and efficient lending solutions to the SBA and to General Lenders and lending community since 1982.

Streamlines Processes And Shortens Tasks

Manual and spreadsheet calculations and processes add additional steps that Form 1502 preparers can ill-afford within the already impossible time challenges and deadlines required by the SBA. LOANLEDGER(sba)’s dynamic and intuitive interface streamlines processes and shortens tasks. It “thinks” for the user to automate complex calculations.

As you integrate LOANLEDGER(sba) with your current system, the software “learns” your organization’s preferences from your input and behavior; it begins to intuitively predict your needs for a custom product like no other.

SBA 7(a) Loan Servicing And Reporting Needs

LOANLEDGER(sba) SBA loan servicing software specifically addresses the SBA 7(a) loan servicing and reporting needs of lending institutions, secondary market investors and SBA pool assemblers.

With SBA loans, accuracy counts, and small errors can cost a lender or investor significant time and financial penalties. The complex calculations and intricacies of Form 1502 can be daunting for even the most experienced preparer. Status changes, incorrect codes, even incompatible systems, can lead to delays and errors.

SBA Loans Management

  • Complete online monthly Form 1502 reporting
  • Creates Form 1502 from scratch with touch of a button
  • Generates an importable Excel file
  • Multiple participant accounting
  • Calculations include:
    • basis point fees
    • interest rate changes and Guaranteed Closing Balance
    • Calendar Basis
    • Number of Days
    • Guaranteed Interest
    • Guaranteed Principal

So Easy To Use!


Simple And Time-Saving

Using SBA Loan Servicing Software

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DISC Specialization

Since 1982, Dynamic Interface Systems Corporation has provided loan servicing software, debt collection software, mortgage servicing software and other sophisticated yet affordable products for lenders, mortgage providers and other financial institutions.

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