Intelligent SBA Loan Servicing Software

LOANLEDGER(sba) is intelligent software with features and benefits that eliminates painful manual activities, spreadsheets and potential errors that create headaches for the SBA loan administrator. LOANLEDGER(sba) performs as a stand-alone SBA loan tracking system or as a supplement for current LoanLedger® clients.

LOANLEDGER(sba) understands that SBA 7(a) loans are probably only a fraction of your business. Tracking and reporting for SBA loans shouldn’t eat up days of productivity from your department. LOANLEDGER(sba) moves staff on to more important tasks more quickly and out the door on-time instead of hunched over a desk agonizing over Form 1502 calculations.

Features including a tickler system for reminders of both internal and external functions, a communications component that generates automatic responses based on account activity and an accounting and accrual system, LOANLEDGER(sba) increases productivity, increases revenue and improves the lender experience.


Features and Benefits

Features and Benefits Include


One-click Form 1502 creation


Complete Audit of Transactions in Loan Cycle for pre-payment, late payment and pay-off

Chron File

Generates 100+ reports

Shadow Servicing



No Late Reports

No 5% Total Submission Penalty

Reminders for all SBA Loan requirements

Balanced Ledger

Complete record of all servicing activity

Report writer generates reports with the exact information you desire

Track non-performing and impaired loans

Comprehensive lien tracking

LOANLEDGER(sba)’s search bar, scrolling design, loan pipeline and alerts make it the simplest, easiest-to-use and time-saving SBA loan servicing software product available.


  • List of Systems
  • User Definitions
  • Internal use of Ticklers


  • Integrates with MS-Outlook enabling quick emails to all parties
  • Generates customer notices and statements
  • Send customer letters using your favorite templates regarding servicing actions, addressing ticklers and for loan correspondence
    • Welcome
    • Collection
    • Payoff Demand


  • Generates all management reports
  • Loan funding controls
  • Collateral—comprehensive Lien Tracking
  • Authorization Requirements
  • SBA Basis Points Fee accrues automatically
  • 365 or 360 or Actual days/ Actual or 30 day scheduled or even hybrid 30-day-actual-simple and automatic holiday calculations
  • Split Rate / Blended Rate / Variable or Fixed
  • Work out/Loan Accounting
  • Amortization of Loan Acquisition costs
  • Multiple participant accounting
  • Multiple bank (portfolio) accounting
  • All standard and required reports including Form 1502 in electronic PDF or optional Excel

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Errors or late filings carry penalties of up to 5% of the total loan value.

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